Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby

30 04 2014

Both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby which fall on the same day this year, the fifth of May, offer the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate and salute both occasions…

We all know the burst of fresh flavor that comes from fresh mint pummelled into a mint julep or mojito, but have you ever tried DTD Herb Infusions Balls? It’s all in the DTD blend and getting the ball ice trays…

All You Need…
•DTD Herb Infusion Blend (Lime Zest- Candied Mint- Hints of Sea Salt and White Cane Sugar
•Bottled Water
• Fresh Lime Juice
•3 Pack- Ice Cube Tray Mini Ball Shape, Each Tray Makes 60 Ice Balls

The Ice Cube Mix…
•6 oz. of Fresh Lime Juice
•42 oz. Bottled Water
•1 oz. of DTD Herb Infusion Blend
•3 Ice Cube Tray Mini Ball Shape -180 small balls

The Ice Cube Blend…
In blender combined first 3 ingredients andd blend on med speed for 1 minute. Than pour into mini ball shape ice cube tray. Place into freezer until frozen…

Giddy Up… Jarre!


Liquor Shots and Shooters Meet Dress The Drink’s Edible Vessel Product Line

17 06 2013

Originally, the “shot glass” was a measuring device – a means to figure out a 1.5 oz. serving of a spirit until now…

Want something unique that your clients will EAT IT UP?

Dress The Drink Hand Crafted Edible Shot Vessel

Perfect for just about anything. Each shot glass measures about 2.5 inches tall. Just like a real shot glass and will hold up to 1.5oz of liquid!

Each product SKU is edible and deliciously unique. Cold Beverages hold for up to 1 hour excluding the caramel or chocolate coming soon. Shelve life -3-6mo’s depending on product SKU. Edible Vessel flavor infusions and blends upon request.

Check out Dress the Drink’s Edible Vessel’s

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