The Perfect Gourmet Thanksgiving Signature Cocktails By Dress The Drink…

4 11 2013

Thanksgiving comes but once a year. But when it comes it brings good cheer! So if you’re seeking the perfect gourmet Thanksgiving signature cocktails? Look NO further.

Surprise your guests with some unique and flavorful signature cocktail options this Thanksgiving.

Warm up your guest this year with favorite classics like a Manhattan with an urban twist by DTD’s Master Mixoloist, David Brogan

Sweet Blessings…


The Blend…

3 oz Maker’s Mark Bourbon
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
3/4 oz Pomegranate Citrus Simple Syrup (see recipe below)
A touch of Orange Blossom Honey
Dress The Drink Bacon|Horseradish|Cocoa Blend
Dress The Drink Cranberry|Orange|Clove Chip

The Mix…

Pre-rim chilled martini glass with Dress The Drink Bacon|Horseradish|Cocoa blend. Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into the cocktail glass. Top of rim or float into signature cocktail.

Cranberry|Orange|Vanilla Simple Syrup

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
12 oz fresh Cranberries (you can also substitute frozen)
Peel of one orange (ripped into small pieces)
1 tbsp. Vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and stir until sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat. Strain contents through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl mashing the cranberries to get the remaining juice out of them and to remove the orange peal. Refrigerate remaining simple syrup. This should be enough to fill a medium sized squeeze bottle.

Simply perfect for any Holiday gathering. The Pumpkin Smash is the ultimate guest pleaser with its visuals, scents and flavors.

Pumpkin Smash…

The Blend…

1 oz of Stoli Elite Vodka
1oz of dark Rum or Tequila
1 large dollop of Pumpkin Puree
3/4 oz of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup
1/2 oz of Fresh Lemon Juice
Pinch of Cinnamon
Pinch of Nutmeg
Dress The Drink Gourmet Roasted Pumpkin Seed dusted with Cranberry and Cinnamon

The Mix…

Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a very chilled martini glass. Top it off with Dress The Drink Gourmet Roasted Pumpkin Seed dusted with Cranberry and Cinnamon they even float!

The Pumpkin Spice Signature Cocktail Dress The Drink was inspired by the intensity of Fall colors, textures and flavors.The Cranberry| Pumpkin Garnish brings a new dimension to holiday beverages and cuisine. Cranberries, pecans, pumpkin, herbs and spices are the flavor intensifiers for our Pumpkin Signature Cocktail offers a perfect accented to your Thanksgiving gatherings.

Pumpkin Spice….

The Blend…

1/2 oz Cream Liqueur
2 oz Vanilla Vodka or Carmel Whiskey
1/2 oz Pumpkin Liqueur or Pumpkin Spice Syrup
Dress The Drink Cranberry|Pumpkin Blend
Dress The Drink Cranberry|Pumpkin Swizzle Stick

The Mix…

Rim half chilled martini glass in dark chocolate. Over chocolate rim accent Dress The Drink Cranberry|Pumpkin Blend. Top with Dress The Drink Cranberry|Pumpkin Swizzle Stick.

If you enjoy ginger bread and cinnamon espresso then get ready to experience an explosion of flavors with Dress The Drink Coffee Snap Signature Coffee Drink.
It’s the perfect hot toddy with a twist!

Coffee Snap…

The Blend…

1.5 oz ginger liqueur
1 tsp sugar
Cinnamon espresso
Heavy whip cream
DTD Ginger Bread Blend
DTD Ginger Bread Blend Chocolate Swizzle Stick

The Mix…

Pour the ginger liqueur and sugar into a clear glass coffee mug. Fill with cinnamon espresso. Stir well. Top with heavy whip cream. Sprinkle with DTD Ginger Bread Blend.
Garnish with DTD Ginger Bread Blend Chocolate Swizzle Stick.

Happy Gulp & Gobble…