Dress The Drink SANGRIA Garnishes…

8 07 2013

Dress The Drink (DTD) has put their own spin on the popular Spanish sangria by dressing up the drink with irresistible mix-ins, such as DTD Apple Mint Chips, DTD Peach Mint Chips, DTD Cantaloupe Mint Strips and DTD Orange Mint Chips. This DTD Sangria recipe is perfect for big summer parties – always a favorite, you may consider doubling the recipe.


The Mix…
1 cup fresh Berry’s
1 cup simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar heated until sugar dissolves: cool)
1 750ml. bottle dry and fruity red wine
1/2 cup Triple Sec
1/2 cup brandy
6 DTD Apple Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend Chips
12 DTD Peach Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend Chips
6 DTD Cantaloupe Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend Strips
6 DTD Orange Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend Chips

The Blend…
Combine the berries and simple syrup in a pitcher and lightly muddle them. Add the wine, Triple Sec, brandy and DTD chips and stripes. Cover the pitcher and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Serve in mason jars or rocks glass with cubed ice. Serves 6- Easy to double recipe.

Fruit Chips
Flavor Profiles…
Apples dusted with Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend

Peaches dusted with Cinnamon |Mint | Lemon Blend

Cantaloupe dusted with Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend

Oranges dusted with Cinnamon | Mint | Lemon Blend


Dress The Drink All Star 4th Signature Cocktail & Games…

1 07 2013

DTD Revised Strawberry’s & Honey Please… Final

Strawberry’s & Honey Please…
Dress The Drink

The Blend…
2.5 oz. Vodka
2 Fresh Strawberry’s
½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 /2 oz. Honey Syrup
Dress The Drink Strawberry Lemon Honey Mint Fan

The Mix…
In a chilled shaker muddle strawberry’s, together with the vodka lemon juice and honey syrup. Pour into rocks type of glassware with cubed iced. Garnish with Dress The Drink’s Strawberry Lemon Honey Mint Fan topped with fresh mint.

The 4th of July and drinking games…
As with any drinking game, please remember to stay safe. Always use the buddy system, set specific limits, arrange sober transportation in advance, and never leave your drink unattended. If you can’t drink without causing problems or getting into trouble of any kind whatsoever, then don’t drink at all. Otherwise, responsible drinkers can have a blast with these July 4th drinking games.


The 4th of July and drinking games are practically synonymous with each other, considering that the consumption of alcohol is intrinsically tied to this patriotic holiday.In this special Independence Day piece we’ll detail 6 beer games and other games involving alcohol and the all-American date of July 4.

This includes games involving sparklers, a beer pong variation, political darts, fireworks, an all-too-familiar movie starring Will Smith, and a game that makes use of the most common U.S. coins. So fill your cup and let’s get it started!

American Flag Beer Pong
This game is basically beer pong but with red, white (or clear) and blue Solo cups instead of just red. These colors are used to line up 35 cups of beer total and create an American flag. Marcos Colon of Club Planet describes exactly how to set the cups up:

“Row 1: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be red.
Row 2: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be white.
Row 3: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be red.
Row 4: All white cups
Row 5: All red cups” (1)

Other than lining the cups up, the rules are basically identical to regular beer pong, except the cups aren’t re-filled and setup again – the game is played until one team wins, then the re-rack occurs. Otherwise, setting up the whole flag deal would kind of be a pain in the ass. Of course, you’re talking 3.5 times more alcohol per game than the regular version of beer pong, so you probably won’t need to play as many games.

Independence Day Drinking Game
One of dozens of games involving TV, movies or other popular media, the Independence Day drinking game is based on the movie of the same name. You can create your own rules if you want, but generally most people play with the following requirements to take a drink while watching this movie:

*When there’s an explosion
*When someone (in the movie) says “President”
*When Jeff Goldblum scrunches his face and acts awkwardly
*When Will Smith says a one-liner (plenty in this gem of a film)
*When an alien is shot, captured or killed
*When David’s (Jeff Goldblum) relationship with his ex wife is mentioned
*When an attack fails
*When Will Smith breaks out a cigar, you must finish your entire drink

U.S. Politics Dartboard Drinking Game
This game is also a variation, only with a dartboard instead of Solo cups. It’s pretty simple: print out a picture of a U.S. politician that your group of drinking buddies generally does not like, and pin it to a dartboard, a piece of plywood, or even the wall if you don’t mind drunk people who miss the target by as much as 3 feet. Scoring is based on where the darts land on the picture.

You can make up your own rules according to the politician in question, but many people play this game with the following requirements:
*Make all players drink when you hit the lips
*Take a drink when you hit the forehead
*Take 3 drinks when you hit an eye
*Make any other player drink when you hit the nose
*Player to the right of you drinks when you hit the right cheek
*Player to the left of you drinks when you hit the left cheek
*Take a drink when you land in the hair or scalp area
*If you miss the target completely, finish your drink

U.S. Coins Drinking Game
This coin drinking game is very easy and requires 8 shot glasses and two sets of every major US coin; a penny, nickel, dime and a quarter. Line up two rows or 4 shot glasses full of beer or liquor. Game play is identical to the Quarters drinking game, where the object is to bounce the coins progressively off the table and into the glass.

If you make a shot, drink it and quickly move on to the next. But be quick about it, because your opponent is doing the same thing with his or her 4 shot glasses and coins.
First person to finish all 4 glasses wins.

The July 4 Fireworks Drinking Game
This is a game that we created here at DrinkingGames.ME. You’ll need a fireworks show and some beer to participate. Here are the rules, but feel free to make this game your own by changing it up or adding to this list.

Consume during the following:
*When the crowd says “oooooooh”
*2 drinks when the crowd says “aaahhhh”
*Finish your drink if there are sirens in the background while the fireworks are going off
*1 drink for red fireworks
*1 drink for white fireworks
*1 drink for blue fireworks
*1 Entire, full, new drink if the show launches a volley of red, white and blue fireworks

The 4th of July Sparklers Drinking Game
Notice the pattern of really simple games here? This one probably takes the cake for ease-of-use. Gather your drinking buddies, and everyone lights a sparkler from a central fire at the same time. Once lit, consume your drink before the sparkler goes out. Yup. That’s it.